Permanent Makeup After Care

What to expect after my permanent makeup.

Slight bruising or swelling are normal for the first couple of days.
Your eyeliner and brows may feel sunburned, tender to the touch.
Calming your skin with ice water will help you retain color. Do not put ice directly on your tattoo.
Dip cotton pads into ice water and place on brows or liner for 15 minutes then wait about an hour or two and then apply ice pads again throughout the first two days.
For the first day blot your brows with a warm, wet paper towel pressing hard. This removes the lymph that can make them crusty. Do not pick or scratch your tattoos!

Lips will swell significantly. Dip in ice water during the first two days.
Lips will need a moisturizer. Use coconut oil, grapeseed oil or a very light layer of vaseline.
Drink through a straw as much as possible and try not to get food on your lips.

As your tattoo heals, there may be itching. Put a paper towel over the area and tap to relieve it
Apply one drop of grapeseed oil, coconut oil or the aftercare provided may be applied to brows or liner..
*** BE sure you do not double dip a q-tip into your ointment. You do not want bacteria to go from your brow into the ointment and back to your other brow, etc. Be as clean as you can. Wash your hands!

It is normal to see flakes of color coming off onto your cotton pads for the first few days.

Brows and eyeliner: Keep foundation and eyeshadow off your makeup for seven days.

Use a brand new tube of lipstick or mascara until your tattoo is healed (your old ones have bacteria in them and you could infect your tattoo).

NEVER USE BACITRACIN OR OTHER ANTIBIOTIC. If you think you have an infection, call the salon and your doctor. Terrible reactions to antibiotics have occurred and ruined permanent makeup. If you keep your hands clean and protect your fresh tattoo you should not have any problems.
No chlorine, salt water, glycolic or hydroxy acid, or peeling lotions on your makeup for seven to ten days or until healed. If in doubt, cover with a bit of vaseline.

Many clients come every year to touchup their makeup to keep it fresh looking. Others wait a few years. Lighter colors and hair strokes will fade quicker but no worries because you will still be able to see your brow shape and pencil them in until you can come for your touchup.
If you wait too long though and they disappear the yearly touchup price will not apply and you will need to pay the full price again.

Depending on your skin and lifestyle (how much sun or skin peeling products you use, etc.) your permanent makeup may fade a lot after your first treatment. No worries, the four week focus visit addresses any issues your skin may have and we can tweak the shape and color.  The four week focus allows us to implant the color by layering it into the skin on top of the previous tattoo, building upon what was already done to give you longer lasting and lovely permanent makeup.